14th GreenHouses Kazakhstan

GreenHouses KZ opens its doors for the fourteenth time!

About Organizer

Jhon Das - Photographer

Founded in 2008, the association works on the inclusion of technical regulations for vegetables of protected soil in the programme for the development of technical regulations from the local budget, as well as promoting existing greenhouses in solving the issues of limit allocation and reduction of tariffs for heat carriers. The Association organises training courses for managers of greenhouse enterprises and agronomists, advises them and accompanies them at all stages, organises an annual international exhibition, studies the experience of work of greenhouse complexes in the countries of near and far abroad.

Jhon Das - Photographer

About Co-Organizer

Intro Exhibition & Conference, which has always aimed to provide quality and honest service, has been established to carry out international fair organisations with its experienced staff, acting with local partners in the countries where it works, continues its organisations successfully with its offices and solution partners. Intro Fair Exhibition & Conference, which has carried out many sectoral fair organisations in Eurasia, Africa and South America regions since its establishment, meets the expectations of the participating companies in the international fair organisations it carries out, enables them to promote their products in the best way, to establish new business associations and to increase their export volumes.